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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I download my digitized longarm quilting patterns? After your purchase is successfully completed, all of the digitized longarm quilting patterns in your order will be presented with a Download button. For each digitized longarm quilting pattern, click its Download button then follow any instructions that may be presented to you by your browser.
  • How can I download my patterns when purchased with my iPhone? On the iPhone, when you download the zip file, you’ll see a screen with the text More…
    • Click More… then you’ll be able to email the zip file to your laptop or home computer.

    • You can also save the zip file to the iCloud drive then retrieve it using your laptop or home computer.

  • How many times can I download each digitized longarm quilting pattern? Each digitized longarm quilting pattern can be downloaded a maximum of 3 times within 24 hours of your purchase.
  • What is the file format of my digitized longarm quilting patterns? Except for CSQ patterns (which are available only in the Creative Studio format), each downloaded zip file contains the following file formats:
    • QLI (Statler Stitcher)
    • BQM (Bernina)
    • DXF (CompuQuilter)
    • PAT (ABM Innova)
    • HQF (HQ Pro-Stitcher)
    • IQP (IntelliQuilter)
    • TXT (PC Quilter)
    • PLT (QBOT)
    • SSD (Side Saddle)
    • QCC (Quilt EZ)
    • WMF (Windows Metafile)
  • Have you tested your patterns on all of these systems? I have a Statler Stitcher and can test only the QLI & CSQ formats. If you have one of the other systems and have issues with your pattern, please contact me: Marci@LilyStreetPatterns.com or 408-776-3452.
  • Why are your patterns so big?Increasing the size of a digitized pattern can make it blocky and unattractive. So, I like to make the patterns bigger than I think will ever be used--up to 20 inches tall. Patterns can be reduced by any amount without distortion. For an example, download the pdf: Setup for Bicycles and Hills Edge to Edge. Though the document refers to Creative Studio version 6, it may still be useful if you are using a different CAD program.
  • How safe is my personal information? Every order is placed anonymously. Lily Street Patterns does not access any of your personal information except your email address. That's why we use Stripe for all financial transactions--it's their business to keep your sensitive personal and financial information secure.
  • What is your refund policy? All sales are final. If you have a problem with a download or a digitized longarm quilting pattern, please contact me so that we can determine a solution: Marci@LilyStreetPatterns.com or 408-776-3452.
  • Can I share or resell your digitized longarm quilting patterns?With all rights reserved, the digitized longarm quilting patterns, this website and its content are the copyright of Lily Street Quilts. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the digitized longarm quilting patterns and/or website content in any form is prohibited without explicit, written permission. You may not distribute or commercially exploit the digitized longarm quilting patterns, images, files, website content or design.

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